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Professional, punctual, and thorough!

– Alexis Budak

    Our Customers Love Us

    Highly recommend this company! I have used them many times and have always been pleased with efficiency and pricing. Thank you, Rogers!

    – Stacey Martin Corrigan

    They do a great and complete service and reasonable in cost. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

    – Michaela Sparks

    They did a really great job! They provide you before and after pictures which my husband and I really liked! I feel so much better knowing how clean our furnace is. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was cleaned well!

    – Ashely Bulicek

    Great service and customer service. Everyone was great! They responded to me so quickly and took great care of us in a very short time. Their service was just as promised, too. So thorough and efficient at the same time. The guys were friendly and fun. I loved that they showed me the ducts before the cleaning and after...with photos, too. I expected a cleaner home environment after the cleaning, but I KNOW now just how much cleaner it is. Thank you! I definitely will recommend it to others.

    – Brady Gruhn

    Rogers Furnace Cleaning came out to clean my furnace and all the ducts. Mark, Gary, and Cindy were wonderful to work with. They did a great job. Very nice people. Thank you so much.

    – Colleen Holien

    Definitely worth the money! They did a great job! It was interesting to see pictures but disgusted how filthy the ductwork was!

    – Nancy Martin

    They did such a great job! I would recommend them to everyone!

    – Noah Coleman

    They did such a great job! I would recommend them to everyone!

    – Noah Coleman

    Very friendly and professional! This made a huge difference in the air quality within our house!

    – Derrick Murray

    I was referred to Roger's furnace cleaning and they did an awesome job. They explained things they found and made sure everything was cleaned. I'll use them again next time I need my ducts cleaned. Thanks!

    – Antwain Strong

    Friendly, efficient, neat and professional.

    – Jackie Strong

    We have had Roger's clean out our air ducts and furnace twice now! We have been very happy with their service! Thanks, guys!

    – Matthew Gibbon
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    Your house's furnace is the resperatory system for your home. Keep it healthy!

    Don't trust your home to a "jack-of-all-trades". We have 50 years of specialist experience and come highly rated and recommended by our customers.

    Commerical cleaning

    Are you aware that indoor air pollution is a growing environmental concern? If the air ducts in your home are not properly installed, maintained, and operated, these components may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen, or other debris. Keep your employees healthy!

    Residential Cleaning

    Did you know that 9 out of 10 heating system failures are actually caused by dirt and dust? Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce your fan’s ability to keep the heat exchanger cool, which can lead to the premature breakdown of your system. Keep your family warm and healthy.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    For a dryer to operate properly and safely, exhaust air must be able to freely flow from the dryer vent and exhaust path to the outdoors. This healthy air flow is critical to ensure efficiency and to minimize any potential fire danger.

    About Rogers Furnace Cleaning

    Rogers Furnace Cleaning specializes in safely and effectively cleaning all types of furnace and air conditioning systems. We are family-owned and have been in business for over 50 years. We still believe in good old-fashioned business ethics and family values just like Roger Walther's original vision when he started the company in 1970, We travel all over Iowa in order to service our customers.

    Rogers Furnace Cleaning